>Day 64–The Day Before the Chaos

>Well, tomorrow begins boards for Abby, my trek to Dallas for Jenna’s wedding…in short, chaos all over the place.  Or as some idioms would have it, out of the frying pan and into the fire.  The one good part, other than getting to see my family and going to Dallas, is that tonight I had the honor and privilege of cooking Abby’s last meal.  That may sound a little morbid, but I’m game for any excuse to bust out the tools and have fun with food.

Today was a pretty solid start to Spring Break.  Slept in until about 10, had lunch with some of the Sugar Grove guys, lazed around, cooked a wonderful meal, and tonight I’m packing up for my journey tomorrow. I can’t complain!

Breakfast–Eggs and toast, which sounds really simple, except in this case the toast was a toastwich with Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter. I’d guess about two tablespoons, and it was definitely filling.  So a toastwich and two eggs for a great breaking of the fast.

Lunch–Went to Wings and Things.  I have to admit…I still like Buffalo Wild Wings better.  It’s more expensive, the service is usually crappier, but I’m a big fan of good food, and the wing flavors, fries, etc. are better at BWW.  That doesn’t mean that lunch today was bad though.  Great company and decent food makes for a great afternoon.  I had two chicken fingers and 3 lemon pepper wings with some fries and water. Chalk up two more dollars for Blood:Water!

Dinner–Here’s where things get goooooood.  Abby requested pork chops and mashed potatoes, so that’s what we had.  I seared off a butterflied pork chop, then oven roasted it to perfection along with some broccolini.  I also made mashed red potatoes.  The key was the sauce…oh the glorious sauce.  After removing the pork chop from the pan, I added two garlic cloves, half a red onion, and half a green apple as well as 5-6 sage leaves.  After I caramelized them, I added some pure apple juice and apple cider vinegar, cooked it down, scraped the bottom of the pan, and ended up with this great pan sauce that was good on the pork, on the potatoes, on the broccolini…I think it’d be good on cardboard.

Dessert–Perfect capper to a great meal.  I sauteed some bananas and made caramel all around them, then added blood orange juice and let it all turn into a sticky, sweet, tangy, gooey mess.  That, dumped on top of Dulce de leche ice cream, is a great way to end a wonderful day of food.

That being said…I’m excited about eating Mom cooking.  She puts me to shame on her worst days; I humbly (and hungrily) bow to the master.


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