>Day 62–The Final Countdown

>Well, its almost upon us: the Henderson family loses a namesake in a week.  Jenna’s wedding, the impetus for this particular endeavor, is next Sunday the 20th (throw up a prayer or three for us then!) and I know she’s ready to get the show on the road.  My goal for this Spring Break is to make sure I don’t gain all the weight back that I’ve lost. In fact, it’d be a glorious achievement if I somehow had to get my tux resized next week (as long, of course, as it doesn’t screw any of the carefully made plans. In fact, we never had this conversation. Knock on any wood near you. Twice.) and I could see some actual physical proof of the effort I’ve extended.  I’m also pulling my whole “don’t shave for a long time” trick again. It’s all about the motivation and the mental tricks.

Breakfast–I made eggs and bacon for me (to celebrate SB2011) and for Abby (study brain food).  Four strips of all natural bacon (more on that in a second) and 5 eggs.  I ate three eggs and 2 strips of bacon rolled up in a toasted piece of whole wheat naan–my last piece of whole wheat naan. Sadness.  As for the “all-natural” bacon…what the crap is NOT all-natural bacon?! Have I been eating that particular product? Robo-pigs? I mean…seriously.  Perhaps they just call it all natural now to go with the new organic phase, but if it is truly a new style of bacon, I’m disturbed on many levels.

Exercise–25 minutes on the treadmill.  Some jogging, some incline, but the key is that my heart rate stayed where it needed to be. Afterwards I did some minor weight work, but honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it today.  Usually I’m all about the weights and the cardio drives me nuts, but today it was switched. Who knows what happened.

Lunch–Leftover fried rice and Putt Woon-Sen from last night.  It was just as good the second time around, and more importantly, just as filling.

Snack–We took a little trip to Randall’s so that I could stock up on Greek yogurt. I go full out when I find good healthy food products.  More cherry, a couple more mango, and I even talked Abby into grabbing a couple to give them a try.  I had a cherry Fage, 2%, with honey, and it was really really good.  I’m still not sure how I feel about a food product that I have to completely doctor to eat, but its good for me so I won’t ask questions.

Dinner–Chick fila.  After weighing nutrition options between Wendy’s and Chick fila, I went healthy (even if I really wanted a Frosty) and stuck to my Spicy Chicken Sandwich and large fruit cup.  This time I added some jalapeno chips on the side for crunch and salt and I was very satisfied.

Tomorrow, church but no Life Groups for Spring Break.  I’m also potentially getting a watch (grown-up maneuver) and a new pillow (needed maneuver…the old pillow is dead or dying) when we pick up Abby’s new toy from the mall.  I’m feeling oatmeal in the morning…


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