>Day 61–Spring Break Begins!

>Nine days off. NINE! I’m pretty stoked about this prospect.  It’s not that I don’t love my students, but sleeping and seeing my family sounds really REALLY good right now.  Today was test day, so it was pretty low-key from a teaching standpoint.  The sad thing is that while my Spring Break is beginning, Abby’s is ending.  I wish we could have spent more time together on the days off, but we’ve got plenty of years to do that.

I have a small confession to make: I can’t seem to get Greek yogurt out of my system.  Every time I read anything about healthy eating, freaking Greek yogurt comes up.  So, once again (in an effort to keep the sugar down from yesterday’s post) I bit the bullet and tried it again.  I took the advice of one of my students, Andrew Dunlap, and tried 2% yogurt as opposed to the straight up nonfat (added a bit of cream to the mix) and then I added honey to the still funky mixture.  The result? Delicious. I’m a convert.

Breakfast–Toastwich.  Went with the higher quality ingredients, including Fredricksburg Farms peach preserves, and it made a big difference. Amazing little toastwich.  I also had the potentially last cup of Yoplait I’ll ever have; cherry pomegranate.  (Side note: This is a lie. There is a Cherry Orchard Yoplait sitting in the fridge and I will devour it with much relish.)

Snack–Fiber One bar. Number one choice of those wanting to lose some weight because its delicious and nutritious.

Lunch–Peanut butter sandwich.  All natural peanut butter, peach mango preserves, and two slices of whole wheat bread. Coupled with about 12-15 jalapeno chips and a single 40 cal package of gummy bears, it was a stupendous (working on the vocab) lunch.

Snack–Cherry Fage Greek yogurt, 2%.  With a teaspoon of honey, it made a great snack, which I never thought I’d say. Props to those who badgered me into trying it again.

Dinner–We tried a new restaurant, Nit Noi.  It’s a Thai place really close to our apartment that we found on a recommendation from Casey Burton.  I got the Putt Woon-Sen with chicken, ginger fried rice with thai basil, and then Abby got regular fried rice with chicken. A) It was a great meal…I really like Thai food. B) It wasn’t terribly expensive, at least given the portion sizes. C) The portion sizes means we have at least one more meal in the fridge, and probably two.  That makes it a great deal all-around.

Dessert–Chobani Mango Greek yogurt, again 2%, and again with honey. See? Converted.

It may seem counter-intuitive that adding honey to yogurt would make it have less sugar, but for around the same dose of sugar (still probably less…its not exact) there’s almost twice as much protein, and its the slow-acting kind that allows you to feel fuller.  I’m a fan now, and will be purchasing more tomorrow.

Bring on the break!


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