>Day 58–Hey Cody Glenn. This is a Food Blog. (Usually.)

>So now you know.

While Mondays are an eternal, swirling void of suckitude, apparently Tuesdays aren’t that bad. In fact, I’d say this one was actually really freaking good.  My good friend Jason Toy was nice enough to come do chapel for us at Westbury, and he literally brought the truth.  It’s a message I try to share with my students as often as I think about it, but it bears repeating even more than that: don’t take truth for granted. Do the leg work, do the research, and figure it out for yourself!  That’s part of what I love about cooking…its so much trial and error even above and beyond recipes.  We just so often get stuck in the rut of absorbing information, ingesting it, and then regurgitating without actually thinking.  Not a good habit, especially where our salvation is concerned.  So thanks JToy for the message…you really did bring the truth.

Breakfast–Toastwich with two tablespoons of Justin’s Chocolate Peanut Butter.  One a side note, I found out the other day that the company my new favorite source of protein comes from is called Justin’s Nut Butter. Really Justin? Really?

Snack–I held off on the snacks today because I knew what was coming for lunch.  Planning ahead is huge, especially when you’re trying to be less huge.  Its a great tip, regardless of what I’m about to describe for lunch.

Lunch–Popeye’s. Stop judging me.  For our campus ministry team meeting we went the variety route and got some good, spicy fried chicken, biscuits, and fried apple pies.  In my defense, I didn’t eat the biscuits…but I did have two legs, a breast, and two (DON’T JUDGE ME) fried apple pies.  I was hungry, and also knew that dinner was going to be relatively small.

Dinner–Leftovers!  I polished off the last of my Subway from yesterday’s lunch.  So a 6-inch sub, and then some of my Food Should Taste Good jalapeno chips, which I still can’t recommend enough.  They’re incredible chips.

In beverage news, tomorrow starts Lent.  I’m partnering with Blood:Water Mission to give up all drinks except water for Lent.  I’m also working with World Vision ACT:S for relentless acts of justice, but this is a food blog.  Join with me to give up drinks, be a little healthier, and help some people in need of clean water that we take for granted!  Final Dr. Pepper was tonight…done it before, and I’ll do it again.


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