>Easter candy might kill me.  It’s not that I don’t possess any willpower…actually, yes it is.  Freaking jellybeans.

Breakfast–Cinnamon swirl oatmeal.  I decided it was important to start the day off with some fiber, but I may have gone a little overkill on this one.

Snack–Apricot granola bar.  Although I guess technically its an apricot muesli bar, courtesy of Carman’s again.  They’re good, but so painfully dense.

Lunch–My spectacular wife brought me Subway.  I got a footlong turkey on wheat with bacon, lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, jalapenos, and black pepper, with Sun Chips and a Dr. Pepper.  Weird thing was, I only ate half of it!  There’s a change…especially since I ate a whole one like a week ago.  Bizarre isn’t it.

Dinner–Cheap’s the word.  We had some jambalaya rice mix with pinto beans and cornbread.  Probably not the healthiest of all meals, but it cost about 3 dollars for the whole thing and it was really REALLY good.  I also figure we’ve worked out a lot recently so my body could use some solid food.

Dessert–Stupid jellybeans.

Short post, because honestly?  It was Monday. Monday’s should be forgotten.


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