>Day 55–Freaking Robert Burns

>So I had planned to head to the Farmers’ Market this morning to grab some Fusion Taco and some produce.  Of course, Fusion Taco informed me last night that they wouldn’t be at the Farmers’ Market, and then this morning it was randomly cold and rainy.  Plans aborted. The best laid plans of mice and men…

I will say though, the day wasn’t a total waste. In fact, I’m a big fan of three day weekends, if only because I eat REALLY well.  Evidence of this is forthcoming.

Breakfast–Dunkin’ Donuts baby!  I had one chocolate kreme (yeah…that’s how they spell it. I think it adds 200 calories with the “k” but whatever) donut.  Originally I bought two, but I couldn’t actually eat more than one. My stomach is shrinking to normal proportions! Huzzah!

First Lunch–Yeah, its one of those days.  I made a VERY successful and therapeutic trip to Central Market, where I sadly used the last of my gift card from my birthday. It made it three whole weeks…c’est la vie.  While there, I picked up some amazing quinoa salad and some sushi for lunch, as well as some other goodies.  My lunch was a shrimp fusion roll that involved rice paper, shrimp, imitation crab (I know…), lettuce, celery, and carrot. They were delicious.  The quinoa salad involved black quinoa, mango, mandarin oranges, cabbage, carrot, orange juice, rice wine vinegar, and some ginger.  It was AMAZING, and its not the last time we see that particular food product today.

Second Lunch–The problem with sushi is that it just isn’t that filling.  When Abby got home from studying, we went to Chick Fila, and I had an 8-count nugget, fries, and a lemonade.  I think it was decently justified because…

Exercise–We hit the gym. Oh yeah.  I walked/ran for 15 minutes, then lifted a bunch of weights.  I’d say my heart rate was properly elevated for at least 45 minutes, which felt great.  I need to do that way more often.

Dinner–Here’s the good stuff.  While walking around CM, I ran into the most amazing tuna steak.  I just couldn’t resist.  So we had a salad of locally grown spinach on which I put more of the quinoa salad, blood orange segments (I freaking LOVE blood oranges, look how amazing they are with the multi-colored goodness), and seared tuna seasoned with salt, pepper, and sesame seeds.  To dress it, I took the juice of two blood oranges, about a quarter cup of soy sauce, some salt, pepper, and a quarter cup of mango-peach jam I bought today.  Reduced it down, and BAM–deliciousness in salad dressing form.  The entire meal was incredible…so incredible that I ripped off Nathan MacDonald and took a picture of it. Enjoy the sensory delight, although I’m sorry you couldn’t taste it.

Dessert–The second one of my kreme donuts from earlier.  They’re probably horrible for me, but they’re fantastic donuts. I love them very much, and wish they were low-cal. Oh well.

Tomorrow, we’ve got church and then prepping for the last week before Spring Break. Friday, come soon!


One thought on “>Day 55–Freaking Robert Burns

  1. >They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Consider me flattered. That dinner looks amazing! It's awesome when you realize that your stomach is shrinking. I don't know what I would do if I went to Little Panda in Abilene lol. Eventually, you'll back and be like "Oh snap! I used to eat that much?" Keep up the awesome work man. BT

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