>Day 54–Happy State Basketball Finals Day

>So apparently a couple of years ago at Westbury, after a two year hiatus, the basketball teams (boys and girls) made it to state.  The semifinal games are always on Friday and the championship game on Saturday. When the teams made it to the Final Four, there was a mass exodus from school: teachers, coaches, players, cheerleaders, students, EVERYONE.  Made it a ghost town.  Since then, they’ve made sure that the Friday of state has been a day off from school.  Due to this lovely fortune, I didn’t have work today.  Unfortunately, I used that opportunity to go to the doctor, just like when I was in elementary school.

My visit to the optometrist went well.  New glasses, new contacts, a tongue-lashing from the attending…a pleasant day at the office, even if it was Abby’s office.

Breakfast–Cinnamon swirl oatmeal.  No fruit.  Last time was a mess.

Lunch–Chili’s!  My wonderful grandparents gave me a gift card for my birthday, so Abby and I celebrated a Friday where we could actually spend time together.  We did the two for twenty deal, so we split the crispy onion and jalapeno stack for an appetizer (only ate a third of it) and then I had the Margarita Chicken. It was still 600 calories, but it could have been much, much worse.

Dinner–Jimmy John’s.  I went with the turkey and ham instead of bacon, lettuce, cucumber, oregano, and I only ate one slice of bread.  I had some jalapeno and some sweet potato chips to go with it.

Dessert–Gummy Bears.  I had a really unhealthy fascination with Gummy Bears, especially the Haribo kind. Four mini packs equals 150 calories of fruity, sugary deliciousness.

Farmers’ Market in the morning, to grab (hopefully) some strawberries, some mint, and some butter lettuce to make myself an incredible salad with the blood oranges I got last weekend.  Of course, I’ve made plans before that haven’t exactly come to fruition. Check back tomorrow for updates!


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