>Day 52–Derailed

>I agree with Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, about weird sports cliches.  Why do we say a player needs to get himself “untracked?”  Isn’t that bad?  Don’t we want to be on track, on the path, not careening wildly out of control? Isn’t this what we are attempting to avoid as athletes? These are the things that preoccupied my mind today because I spent a lot of it in total darkness.

Apparently I’m prone to migraines.  This is a recent development, something I’m sure I can chalk up to the crap place that is Houston (add it to the list) and definitely the most debilitating of them all.  The kidney stone sucked, and really hurt, but it ultimately avoidable.  The sinus infections can be treated.  Migraines just cripple me, and with increasing frequency.  I ended up teaching three classes today with my eyes closed, spent all of my free time in the darkened faculty bathroom, and then quit a period early because opening my eyes made me want to vomit.  Needless to say, I went home, turned off all the lights and took a long, darkened nap.  I’m sure it will come back to bite me tonight if/when I can’t sleep, but I wouldn’t be functioning now if I hadn’t done it.  My head still hurts, and we’re approaching 10 hours. Yippee.

Breakfast–One piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter (the normal kind) and one of Carman’s granola bars.  Or as I’ve discovered, they’re called muesli bars.  Silly Aussies.

Lunch–Hot dog day. Yay…  I had a bun with two franks, some steamed cauliflower, and a banana.

Snack–Because I felt I deserved it (a recurring trend…I’m sick and gaining weight as the day goes on) I had some mini gummi bears.  I found these awesome little Haribo packages that are like less than 40 calories a pop.  I mean, pure sugar, but two or three of them won’t kill you, and they made my headache feel slightly better.

Dinner–Here’s where it gets depressing.  Abby was hungry and I didn’t start cooking in time, so my excellent dinner got put on the back burner.  We had Wendy’s instead, which isn’t a horrid consolation prize, but still…  I had a spicy chicken sandwich, lettuce only, a large fries, and a large Frosty (again, because I felt I earned it).

Dessert–You are probably saying to yourself, “Wait, dessert?  Isn’t the Frosty dessert?” And you’d be right. But since I’ve had such a crap day, I ate the ears off my marshmallow bunny.  Vengeful? Probably. Delicious? Certainly.

I’m also eating jellybeans. Not many, but enough. I’m gaining weight as I type. Dangit.

Here’s to no head pain, good dinner, and the end of a short week tomorrow.  Wish me a better Thursday.


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