>Day 51–Raging Cajun

>I am EXHAUSTED.  I can’t tell if its because we’ve watched more movies this week, so I’ve been sitting more, or if its because in OT we’ve had some long, detailed stories so I’ve been talking more.  One way or the other, I am worn out, even with naps and decent nights of sleep.  I really need to workout tomorrow AND I’m going to be rocking a wonderfully healthy meal for dinner.  I like planning meals out early…takes the stress out and it gives me something to look forward to. Double bonus.

Breakfast–One slice of whole wheat toast with Justin’s All Natural Chocolate Peanut Butter spread.  Two tablespoons is 170 calories and it’s amazingly delicious. So delicious, in fact, its not the last time today I ate it. Also threw down some cherry yogurt to really fill out the meal.

Lunch–A sweet potato, some sauteed green beans, and a piece of whole wheat naan with–you guessed it–Justin’s spread. Great, great lunch.

Snack–1/3 cup of jellybeans.  It was a long time between lunch and dinner…and they’re really good. Don’t judge!

Dinner–We tried out Boudreaux’s, a cajun place near our apartment with our friend Lindsey Willis.  It’s probably the closest restaurant, as the crow flies, to our humble abode and yet we’d never been there before.  I had 12 blackened shrimp, which was way too much but I wasn’t sure about portion sizes, and then some really good fries.  It wasn’t a good meal health-wise, or price-wise, but it was still quality food.  However, that’s our second new restaurant in three days that we spent too much money on only to figure out that there is a cheaper, and probably better, way to eat there.  We live and learn.

Keep your excitement levels down for tomorrow’s meal…it’s going to be a doozy!


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