>Day 50–Mooooooo…

>Guess what the downfall of dieting is? It’s not ice cream, although that is delicious.  It’s not baked goods, even though I’d love to eat a cake right now. Or an entire pie.  It’s freaking grazing.  When things are portioned, ordered, and set out for me, I eat pretty well.  When I leave a bag of jellybeans sitting on the table in front of me while mindlessly watching Unique Eats on the Cooking Channel about farm to table food and restaurants, bad things happen. Like grazing.

On a side note, school is draining.  Looooong Monday.

Breakfast–About a quarter of a cup of cherry vanilla granola and an apricot-almond granola bar, courtesy of Carman’s brand–It’s Australian!

Lunch–Chicken Teriyaki with broccoli, peppers, onions, and snap peas.  Not a bad lunch!  I finished it off with a cup and a half of the dark chocolate kettle corn. Wunderbar.

Snack–Snickers! Like there was any doubt.

Snack #2–Dang it…I wanted a palmful of jellybeans.  Then there weren’t any cherry ones, so I kept pouring, and then there was a lot of the orange ones–waaaay too many for a good balance–so by the time I was done there was probably a quarter-cup of jellybeans in my belly.

Dinner–Chipotle!  Buy one get one free Chipotle! Woohoo!  I had a bowl with rice, black beans, barbacoa, lettuce, corn salsa, hot salsa, and one singular cup of coke.  It was nice, although I have to admit for the calories I wish I had gotten a burrito instead of the coke. Live and learn.

Not a horrid day, but not great.  I need to cut down on the random mindless jellybeaning and I’m out of Snickers, so that’s good.  Here’s to Tuesday!


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