>Day 49–Seven Weeks, _____ Pounds.

>Well I wasn’t going to make it easy for you to find out was I?  Got to build up the suspense, something I learned from my incredibly apathetic and potentially stoned Oscar host, James Franco. I mean seriously…he looked so bored it was hard to watch, but watch I did.  I also predicted 16 of the 24 awards correctly, which isn’t bad considering I actually knew three of the other winners and marked the wrong bubbles. Oh well.

Got a great compliment at church today after I taught the combined youth class.  Most of our kids and adults were at SoulLink this weekend, which was an amazing weekend where God definitely made Himself known.  Me, Abby, and the 10 kids who didn’t/couldn’t go enjoyed a bizarre lesson from Numbers, a very underused book of the Bible.  While leaving, one of the women at church that helps with the youth stopped me to say A) that she enjoyed my communion thoughts from last week (Bonus!) and B) that she noticed that I had lost a lot of weight. Huzzah!

As of this morning’s weigh-in, I’ve lost over fifteen pounds (15.4 to be exact) in seven weeks, which is pretty amazing.  I lost this much weight in about four months the last time I attempted this, so the speed in which its melted off has been humbling and motivating all at the same time.

That being said, I ate relatively badly today, so the fifteen might be back on!

Breakfast–Whole wheat toast, one slice, half peach preserves and half peanut butter.  It was good, filling, and most importantly small because…

Lunch–We tried a new barbecue place.  It’s funny, because the two food types that REALLY suck in Houston are Mexican and barbecue–two you’d think would excel here in South Texas. And you’d be wrong.  We’ve had some of the worst barbecue and some of the worst overall mexican food I’ve ever endured.  Needless to say, we weren’t expecting great things at our stop this afternoon (that I think was actually called Brisket BBQ) but it wasn’t terrible.  I had sausage, ribs, fries, and green beans and then Abby had brisket, turkey, corn and potato salad.  The meats weren’t bad, the sides were, and the sauce was unremarkable.  It was also expensive.  However, you can get a massive chopped turkey sandwich (and the turkey was great) for like five bucks, so we’ll be going back now that we know what to order to watch calories and our pocketbooks.

Exercise–I ran/walked for twenty minutes and lifted weights.  I couldn’t get my heart rate down…and yes, I know that sounds counterintuitive.  Exercising is like cooking–if you want fat to melt away, you need slow, constant heat.  My HR got up when I started running and due to a clogged airway (Allergies! Yay!) I couldn’t breathe regularly enough to get it down.  It was a decent workout, but I think I helped cardio more than fat burn, and that isn’t the goal right now.

Dinner–Subway!  I had the footlong turkey with bacon, lettuce, jalapenos, cucumber, green pepper, black pepper, and then instead of chips I had two cookies.  I wanted the cookies!

Dessert–Half a cup of jellybeans.  We had an Oscar watching party and it didn’t go as planned…at all.  Couldn’t get the TV to work, couldn’t find a live feed on the internet…debacle.  Luckily we went to the Toys’ apartment and watched it there, but I mindlessly ate jellybeans the whole time.  Thankfully, I measured out some beforehand so I couldn’t go overboard!

Tomorrow starts a four-day week, so I can gear up for the extra rest coming my way!


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