>Day 46–Easter Candy!!

>My favorite holiday for candy is Easter.  Halloween is fun, Christmas is unique, and I’m a big fan of chocolate so Valentines is passable, but Easter candy is just sublime.  So you can imagine my childlike joy when I walked into Randall’s this afternoon to be greeted by giant pastel displays.  The only problem now?   ITS TWO MONTHS UNTIL EASTER.  My willpower will be tested…as evidenced by the marshmallow bunny and bag of jellybeans sitting next to me on the couch.

Breakfast–My final attempt at greek yogurt ended with exactly two bites.  After holding down the bile, I threw it out and got my trusted cherry Yoplait…and it was delicious.  Coupled with a half cup of cherry vanilla granola, it was a stellar breakfast.

Snack–Fiber One bar.  Seriously, I know I eat them a lot, but they are so good and an amazing source of fiber.  Eat them…eat them now.

Lunch–Chick fila chicken sandwich and barbecue chips, courtesy of the Campus Ministry Team.  Not my first choice, but substantially healthier than pizza or Popeye’s fried chicken, that’s for sure.

Snack–Snickers bar.  I’m becoming addicted to them…not good.

Dinner–Here’s where things get a bit interesting.  I haven’t eaten enough vegetables at all recently, so I kept thinking what I could do to increase the intake.  Salad is an obvious choice, but I’ve had some issues with feeling full, so a salad in itself wasn’t going to cut it.  Abby suggested taco salad the other night, but I didn’t want to spend the money on ground turkey and ground beef just isn’t that good for you.  So my solution was to make taco salad…but I used potatoes instead of meat.  I parboiled them, then smashed and “fried” them in a skillet along with some carrot chips and then followed the instructions on the taco seasoning.  Combined with some black beans that I cooked with cilantro it made for a very tasty and very filling meal…one I will certainly be repeating in the future (although without the Hot taco seasoning…that was a bit much. Sorry Abby).

Dessert–While watching Perfect Couples (if you aren’t watching it, you’re making a mistake with your life) I had a cup and a half of chocolate covered kettle corn–140 calories.  Booyah.

Here’s to Friday, and more importantly, the weekend!  I miss my Farmers’ Market, and can’t wait to go back!


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