>Day 44–What’s in a Name?

>Two random non-food related thoughts for today:

1)  Watch Raising Hope.  If you aren’t, your Tuesdays aren’t complete.  Trust me on this…especially if you have a psychotic relative of any age.

2) Until we are content with ourselves and happy with what we are, we will never be happy with anyone else, including God.  For some reason we take our insecurities and flaws, project them on others, then get mad when God doesn’t make everyone in the world “normal.”  As Rob Bell says in his Nooma video “Name,” what exactly is normal?! We define normal for ourselves…everyone else gets their own standards.  I need to be happier with Jason and therefore happier with what God has richly blessed me with.

On to the food!

Breakfast–Cherry Vanilla granola with sliced strawberries (starting to go bad…) and cherry yogurt.  It was incredibly filling, but that didn’t stop me from partaking of…

Snack–About a cup of the dark chocolate drizzled kettle corn.  Seriously, its addicting.

Lunch–Two peanut butter and cherry jelly sandwiches on whole wheat sandwich thins, which are only 100 calories each instead of 100 for a single slice of bread.  I also had some jalapeno chips (I wanted chips okay) and then water to wash it all down. I drank a LOT of water today…almost twice as much as I usually do.  I’m not sure why either, but it felt good to be so hydrated.

Snack–Snickers bar.  At 280 calories its a bit much, but the peanuts help fill me up.

Exercise–I ran for 15 minutes and then tried to lift weights, but the stupid machines were broken.  Yay for Remington Park…

Dinner–Breakfast sandwiches.  Three scrambled eggs, about a slice of bacon, and then three more of the sandwich thins.  They were delicious and filling.  I also attempted greek yogurt again, this time Chobani, and it was…eh.  I’ve got a couple more because they were on sale and I’ll probably eat them with granola, but I’m still not a fan.  Too much…twang. I still like my Yoplait.

Dessert–Whole wheat toast with Nutella and strawberries.  Just as good as it sounds!

My weight is still dropping, although I can’t tell if its dehydration from my cold medication or actual weight loss.  Exercising again will help, but as of this morning I’m down almost 15 pounds in less than two months and I’ve exercised like 10 times total.  If I can ramp that up, who knows what I can do!


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