>Day 43–BT!

>Another Monday, another week of school, another horrendous week of lunch. Yay for that…

Breakfast–Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal with sliced strawberries.  The strawberries did something to the consistency of the oatmeal…waaaaay too runny for my tastes.  Gotta work on that in the morning.

Lunch–A Fiber One bar and an ounce of dark chocolate with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  May sound like a weird lunch, and honestly it is, but I needed some sugar to get me through the day as well as some fiber to try to reset my system.  Mission accomplished on both fronts.

Dinner–Whole wheat angel hair pasta with mushrooms, edamame, and some chopped up bacon.  It not only helped clean out the fridge, it was incredibly delicious.  I’m not entirely sure how healthy it was, but I’m also pretty sure I don’t care.

Dessert–A mango.  I LOVE fresh mango, and this one was super ripe and definitely hit the spot.  It makes me wish I had bought more than two.

Tomorrow we begin the peanut butter and jelly crusades at school as I start making my own lunch to counteract the weirdness of our menu.  Wish me luck and smaller weigh-ins!

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