>Day 41–Diary of an Old White Teacher

>Okay…so I’m not really old.  But I’m older today than I was yesterday!  Today was an excellent 26th birthday…the best one I’ve ever had, as 26th birthdays go.  Probably the best one I ever will have, too.  Lots of quality food, lots of quality time with family, and lots of well-wishing from good friends and family.

Breakfast–Fusion Taco baby!  I LOVE Fusion Taco…although, in the spirit of full disclosure, I usually get the pita instead of the taco.  Mine today had chorizo, sauteed peppers and onions (I believe its a poblano pepper), and roasted potatoes on top of the greatest pita bread I’ve ever had.  I know my friends that have spent time in the Middle East will probably find fault, but for what I know, it’s heavenly.

Snack–Greek yogurt.  I have to admit (again…full disclosure) that it really sucked.  I learned that the yogurt I’ve been eating is apparently “bad” for me (according to the guys at Men’s Health) due to the high sugar content or some such rubbish.  I’ll take the extra sugar grams for actual taste, thank you very much.

Lunch–Chipotle! (This day is EXCELLENT food-wise…wait until dinner.)  I had my usual–a bowl, with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, fajita veggies, barbacoa, hot salsa, corn salsa, and lettuce.  I also had, for the first time in two months, a Coca-Cola.  It definitely made the meal, even with the unnecessary addition of calories.  I missed it, even if I do like tea and water and all that fun stuff.

Dinner–I went to Central Market which, coupled with my Farmers’ Market trip earlier today, led to this doozy of a meal:  Scallops, seared in bacon drippings, with roasted broccoli and mashed sweet potatoes with jalapeno-bacon bits.  I got some pork belly from the Farmers’ Market and diced it up with a diced jalapeno, and then crumbled the whole mess on the mashed sweet potatoes.  It was incredible, even if I’m biased because I made it all from scratch.

Dessert–I also got a TON of fresh strawberries from the Farmers’ Market, so I sliced 3-4 up with some sugar, macerated them, then had one of the whoopie pies on top.  An absolutely fantastic ending to an absolutely fantastic day of eating, even if my waistline will suffer for it tomorrow.

I can’t think of a better day, regardless of the celebration, and I’m very glad I got to share it with my beautiful wife and her family.  Thanks for everyone who reads this and who thought about me today–you’re the best gift I could ask for!

One thought on “>Day 41–Diary of an Old White Teacher

  1. >J- There is actually some decent yogurts out there! Yoplait contains HFCS so thats bad.. The Danon light & fit is good and they have some good flavors. Try flavored greek yogurt or add some honey to it. I buy Nancys yogurt which I think is greek, but its really good plain or with granola on top. It is higher calories but also higher protein and usually healthier than the other stuff!

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