>Day 40–Birthday Party!

>I will readily admit that today’s post, as well as tomorrow’s, isn’t going to be very, um, healthy.  I turn the big 26 on the 19th, and I’ll be celebrating the best way I know how: with good food.  I’m going to be partaking of some quality grub tomorrow, made by my own hands, and I’m pretty pumped.  Doesn’t mean its going to be good for the waistline though.

Breakfast–1/2 cup of Cherry Vanilla granola with some dried cherries.  I also had 4-5 small powdered donuts…because my birthday is tomorrow, I decided class today would be pretty laid back.  I got donuts for my first period and Jolly Ranchers for the rest of the day…unfortunately, the kids didn’t eat all the donuts, so I helped clean up the rest.  Not so good.

Lunch–My beautiful wife brought me Chick fila for my birthday!  Spicy chicken sandwich and fries, no lemonade to cut down on calories, and it was absolutely amazing.  Best lunch all week!

Dinner–China Stix!  This is probably my favorite restaurant in Houston, but Abby doesn’t like it and has terrible luck every time we go.  I had some pork dumplings, along with a chicken and vegetable rice bowl. I wish it was with brown rice, but this thing is so authentic, its not even an option.  It was as good as I remembered…which is pretty darn good.

Dessert–I bought some mini whoopie pies to celebrate, so I had a couple (only 350 calories for both) with half a cup of raspeberry sorbet (only 150 calories).  It was a lot of sugar, but for splurging it wasn’t too bad.

Tomorrow I have a Dr. Pepper cooling down in the fridge…it will have been almost two months.  I miss my carbonated friend.  Happy Birthday to me!


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