>Day 38–I’m Not Getting Better…

>I woke up this morning feeling like I had swallowed cotton balls.  I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t swallow, I could barely open my eyes–I was completely dried out.  Stupid Houston weather.  Thankfully, a shower and some hydration got me functioning enough to get to school, but I felt kinda icky all day.  I hope I’m over it…and that I don’t get the flu that is being passed around.  Had more students and teachers out today!

Breakfast–Caught in the midst of my dryness attack, I ran out of time to make it to school reasonably early, so I went with cherry pomegranate yogurt and apple slices for breakfast. Sadly, not the weirdest meal I had all day.

Lunch–I’m not even sure what the lunch at school was today…I just know that I didn’t feel like going down there just to be disappoint/eat peanut butter again.  Lunch consisted of a Fiber One bar, some craisins, and 2 cups of kettle corn.  Not the healthiest choice.

Dinner–I made some asian chicken stock (shout out to my sister, Jenna…she gave me an amazing Whole Foods Cookbook that gave me the idea/recipe) and then added chicken, asparagus, and broccoli to the soup.  I topped mine with bean sprouts and edamame, and it was incredible.  One bowl and I was stuffed, even with my sketchy eating habits today.

I really want to get healthy enough to work out again, but I don’t know when that will happen.  One of my students, Miriam, is going to make me cupcakes for my birthday on Friday, so whatever happens I know I’m going to have a calorie bomb then.  And it will be totally worth it!


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