>Day 35–Home Again, Home Again

>We returned home from Plano tonight, and I must admit, it was a great weekend.  Got to see some old friends, got to see some new family, and most of all, got to see my sister gloriously happy with her future life.  Between the laughs, the friends, and the food, it was all enough to almost make me forget that I’m still sick.


Breakfast–Mom made bacon, biscuits, and eggs (like I said…home rocks) and I added an apple to make myself feel better.  All in all, I had two small (like 1.5 inch diameter) biscuits and a piece and a half of bacon to go with two scrambled eggs and my apple. I did well.

Lunch–After church (home!) we went to Rockfish Cafe, where I indulged in some sweet peach tea (the best tea EVER) with blackened mahi-mahi, seasoned rice that I ate half of, fries I ate all of, and mixed vegetables that were limp and flavorless at best.  However, the fries and mahi were EXCELLENT.

Dinner–Bowl of chocolate cheerios and blueberries.  We thought we were in a rush for our plane, and it turns out it was delayed half an hour so we had plenty of time.  Oh well.  While waiting, we ran into our good friend Emily Holloman and got to have a great talk with her that we wouldn’t have had if we were on time.  God’s little common graces!

Back to the grind tomorrow…here’s to antibiotics and sleep!


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