>Day 34–Plano!

>We got up early Saturday morning so that we could catch a flight to Dallas for my sister’s wedding shower.  I will not be in attendance (I’ve paid my dues there) but since Abby is a bridesmaid, she decided she should go.  I’ll get to hang out with my dad, so its going to be a good weekend all-around.  I still have my sinus infection, although I feel much better today than I did yesterday.  My sense of taste is also returning…bonus!

Breakfast–Cinnamon swirl oatmeal with dried cherries.  We were in a hurry, and it was early for a Saturday.

Snack–3/4 cup Chocolate Cheerios.  Those things are GOOD and its only 100 calories for the 3/4 cup! Winner!

Lunch–Chick fila, a favorite of my parents and my wife.  Spicy chicken sandwich, large fruit cup, and water.

Snack–I tried to find Nutella–which we have, but I couldn’t locate it–but resorted to more Cheerios. Like I said…good stuff.

Dinner–Roast, potatoes, and carrots with green beans and salad with homemade cherry balsamic dressing.  I miss my mother’s cooking…she’s much better than me.

Dessert–We celebrated my birthday last night, so my mom made a chocolate meringue pie.  I had a very small piece and only ate half of it (I was honestly still stuffed from dinner and still stuffy from the sinus stuff) but it was an incredible pie.  The presents were pretty good too!

All in all, I feel better, but not working out and having junk consistently draining down my throat has made eating a chore and I feel like I’m gaining weight.  I hope I heal quickly so I can get back on the horse and keep losing weight!


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