>Day 33–Houston Killed My Immune System

>When growing up, I NEVER got sick.  If I did, it was usually a massive undertaking (chicken pox, flu, etc).  For some reason, since moving to Houston, I get sick every two months now.  I’ve been to the ER once in my life (stitches) and yet I got a kidney stone–in Houston.  Sinus infections would hit me once a year in Abilene, and yet I think I’m on number three this year–in Houston.  I feel like I have an air pump filling my head up like a balloon…this place might kill me, but its definitely killing my ability to eat healthy.

Breakfast–This would be the last time I felt good today, and I use the word “good” loosely.  I had Cherry vanilla granola and cherry pomegranate yogurt.  It seemed easier than messing with oatmeal or anything else in my weakened state.
Snack–Fiber One bar.  Something with a little taste was important…my taste buds are slowly dying.
Lunch–I had planned on Red Bean Soup, except it wasn’t what it usually is (again, NO CONSISTENCY) so I had tuna on salad again.  Chef Tony, to his credit, made the teachers cupcakes for Valentines’ Day, and since I felt like death, I indulged.  I ended up satisfying my chocolate craving, just not in the way I expected.
Dinner–After a much needed nap to try to recover a bit, my beautiful wife went to get me Pei Wei.  I needed something with flavor to fight through the fog, so I went for the Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables again.  I could taste them (bonus) and it was filling enough that hopefully I won’t need any sugar before bed.
We head to Plano tomorrow for Jenna’s wedding shower, so updates might be a little bit scattered.  For my loyal reader(s), I promise I’ll make it up if there are lapses!

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