>Day 32–Teddy Roosevelt?

>Today’s chapel (yep…chapel) featured none other than Theodore Roosevelt. Or an impersonator at least.  Funny thing is, the man was actually really good.  It was interesting, funny, referenced God numerous times…I approved.  For some reason, we can’t find anywhere but church, and yet He is all around…even in a RoughRiding president.

Breakfast–Cherry Vanilla granola.  I missed it.  I also had cherry yogurt to complete the cherry-ness.  I love cherries.

Mid-morning snack–Fiber One bar.  I overate today. Advanced warning.

Lunch–We had a surprise (to me at least) campus ministry meeting today, so the fact I brought my lunch was kind of negated.  I had quinoa with dried pomegranate craisins, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.  I also had two pieces of pizza.  At least I didn’t get cookies…

Snack–Apples and caramel.  Abby got home late, so I needed something to tide me over until dinner.  It did the trick.

Dinner–Penne pasta with broccolini, zucchini, onion, yellow bell pepper and some garlic.  It was incredible, and very colorful.

Dessert–I gave into my chocolate cravings.  As I’m writing, there are flourless chocolate cookies baking in the oven.  Now, I tinker with the recipe, messed with proportions, and I’m cooking them like cupcakes instead of cookies, so there’s a good chance it won’t matter and I won’t get to taste them at all…but I gave in nonetheless.

It was a solid day…exercise tomorrow and some more controlled proportions and I should be back on track!


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