>Day 31–A Month of Less Me

>Well, the good news is that the weather is cool.  I love me some cool weather.  However, the bad news is that Houston drivers SUCK and no one can seem to handle the cold.

So…yippee for that.

I had a revelation today regarding my faith:  Christianity makes WAY more sense in context.  By that I mean, pulling the gospel out of the entire faith story (Genesis-Revelation and beyond) loses some of the meaning and impact.   Studying David outside of the history of Israel makes about as much sense as studying one president and assuming you know everything about America.  God is the god of eternity…not just our lives, and not just one era.

It also means a lot to me for my struggle to lose weight.  Some days I just don’t feel it…some days I just want chocolate. Lots and lots of gooey chocolate.  And its really easy to get down on myself on those days because I feel weak, I feel unmotivated, and I feel like within a week I’ll undo everything I’ve worked so hard for over the last month.  But its a marathon, just like our faith.  God made the world however-many years ago for Abraham, for David, for Paul, and for me.  He probably made it for my kids, and my kids’ kids, and so on.  His Kingdom is a marathon…we just get to enjoy it while we’re here.

Breakfast–High Fiber Cinnamon Swirl oatmeal with dried cherries.  Delicious!

Snack–Fiber One bar.  Again, I’m craving the sweet stuff, so I went with that as opposed to something else.  It did the trick quite nicely.

Lunch–Thai chile tuna on a bed of lettuce with carrots, cucumbers, and some crackers.  It really hit the spot…just spicy and filling enough to satisfy without being a health disaster.

Dinner–Chick fila spicy chicken sandwich, roasted edamame, and an apple.  The SCS was less than 500 calories, as is every entree at Chick fila, and then the edamame and apple seemed like a better alternative than fries.  Although, I did have one of Abby’s fries…they are really good.

Exercise–Fifteen minutes on the treadmill and some weights.  My arms are starting to feel overworked…I think I need variety in my workouts.  Suggestions?

Dessert–Cherry pomegranate yogurt before I hit the hay.  I can withhold the chocolate cravings for one more day.


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