>Day 30–Longest. Day. Ever.

>Today started oddly, at least for anyone who has ever known me.  It was a very solid day, just…different.

Exercise–That’s right; we’re starting with exercise. Due to the food fiasco of yesterday, I just didn’t feel good.  So Abby and I got up at 5 am, trekked to the exercise facility, and went through a quick workout before school.  Not a bad way to start/won’t be happening often, if ever again.

Breakfast–Two scones and cherry pomegranate yogurt.  It was an excellent way to refuel.

Snack–Cherry almond granola.  I needed something sweet to munch on during the morning, since my clock was so screwed up, and the granola did the trick.  It’s good stuff…find it at Whole Foods.

Lunch–So apparently SAGE is just off a day. The soup I planned on eating yesterday appeared on the menu today, so I had two bowls of potato kale soup.  It was actually very good and filling…as it should have been YESTERDAY.

Dinner–Beck’s Prime.  That place is officially TERRIBLE.  We will not be going back…ever.  I got a coupon in my email celebrating my birthday: buy one sandwich, get one free.  Therefore we paid for one chicken sandwich, one order of fries, and two drinks…twenty dollars. It would have been thirty without the coupon.  And the portions are waaaay too small for that price, the management has attitude…forget you Becks.  I can get better food at cheaper prices pretty much anywhere.  You lost our business.

Dessert–I made the ridiculous mistake of watching a Cooking Channel program on chocolate after a craptastic dinner, which really activated my sweet tooth…and yet I withstood the onslaught and didn’t eat! Go me!

I also got fitted for my tuxedo for Jenna’s wedding tonight.  It felt GOOD to tell her I weighed 235…especially knowing I was knocking on the door of 250 a little over a month ago.  Gotta keep it up, but progress has been excellent so far.   Thank you again for everyone lifting me up by reading/praying/hoping along with us!


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