>Day 29–Grumble.

>Okay, I know I’ve railed against this numerous times, but my school’s lunch is going to be the single biggest obstacle in losing weight.  It’s not nutritious, it very rarely follows the menu online, and the word consistency doesn’t fit.  I can’t tell what ingredients are going to be in what from one week to another.  For instance, today was chicken piccata with potato kale soup.  Or, in actuality, it was sloppy joes with tomato soup.  NOT THE SAME THING WCS.

Because lunch was such a disaster, it screwed the rest of my day pretty solidly. On to the food.

Breakfast–Cinnamon Spice high fiber oatmeal and blueberry yogurt.  It did its job and kept me very full most of the morning.

Mid-morning snack–However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t decide to fiber up for a snack. One Pink Lady apple, for the win.

Lunch–Broccoli and half a peanut butter sandwich. I really dislike SAGE.

Snack–2 cups of kettle corn.  It was delicious.

Dinner–So, I attempted to make a healthy meal, but unfortunately it involved two things I’ve never made before. Roasted chicken with garlic, roasted vegetables that involved daikon (note: Daikon really sucks. REALLY REALLY SUCKS.), and some crimson lentils (those are…unique?) sounds great in theory, but it didn’t work.  The daikon wasn’t good, the vegetables weren’t good, the lentils were annoying, the chicken was partially perfectly cooked, partially overcooked. Really, I just sucked. Dinner fail.

Dessert–A Rome apple and a tablespoon or so of Nutella.  I need to workout tonight…it will get my mind off food and help channel some of the energy I did get from my horrid food.

Mondays…what a drag.


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