>Day 28–Beard Be Gone!

>In an effort to gain some motivation from my wife, I made a decision 28 days ago that I wasn’t going to trim my beard until I had lost 10 pounds and kept it off.  I’ve spent the last week flirting with the line, and then yesterday, BAM.  Trimmed the junk out of it.

In reality, there were dual reasons for this particular ploy.  First off, it looked so horrifically gnarly that I knew Abby would help me with my goal.  Granted, she still made cupcakes, biscuits, and the like, but she also pushed me to exercise and has helped me walk the straight and narrow.  She was more ready to see Grizzly Adams go away than I was, and I felt like a small hamster was stapled to my face.  Secondly, I like to see progress.  Because I am doing more maintenance than a massive overhaul, the steady decline in numbers is hard to see.  I occasionally notice there’s less of me around the middle, but for the most part its when I see people every 3 months that they notice (and its only been 4 weeks…haven’t had that joy yet).  But when I finally trimmed my beard…there was a new person underneath.  I am not a considerably vain person, I don’t do my hair, I usually forget to get haircuts, and obviously I let my weight go.  However, I can’t stop looking in the mirror…the person staring back at me hasn’t existed in a long, long time and I think Abby and I both missed him.

Breakfast–Apple cinnamon scones, strawberry yogurt, and a banana.  The scones are 140 calories a pop, so 3 scones + yogurt + banana = around 650 calories.  That my seem like a lot, but I knew that lunch was going to consist of…

Lunch–Extreme pita.  Booyah.  A small Thai chicken with half a bag of Sun Chips and some blackberry tea was only ~425 calories total, and lots of fiber.

Snack–One ounce of dark chocolate with a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter.  We went to Whole Foods after lunch and picked up some daikon, broccolini, Rome apples, Pink Lady apples, more kettle corn, some dark chocolate, and then Abby got granola, yogurt, and some frozen lunches.  The chocolate will be going to school with me for a mid-afternoon pick me up.

Dinner–Leftover Pei Wei with some extra edamame thrown in.  Still delicious, even the second time around.

Dessert–Apples and caramel and 1/2 cup mango sorbet.

Probably a high calorie day, but not too extreme for the overall goal.  And I still have the man in the mirror to keep me going.


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