>Day 27–Saturday, the Sequel

>Not gonna lie…getting up when I wanted for two days in a row was spectacular.  I feel rested, relaxed…and craving more Saturdays.  Not a good sign for the rest of the school year.  Abby studied most of the day, so I was left to myself where I could read, get some groceries, catch up on my ancient Roman history…a solid all-around day.  Tomorrow I hope to hit up Central Market/Whole Foods for some better produce and then it will be an incredibly complete three day weekend.

Breakfast–We wavered between scones and oatmeal. Oatmeal won out.  I went with my power-packed oatmeal again: dried cherries, almonds, honey peanut butter and a banana.

Lunch–Two pita pocket sandwiches with green bell pepper, broccoli slaw, and cajun turkey as well as some jalapeno chips and a blueberry yogurt. It was a solid, solid meal.  Experimenting with bread options has helped out a lot, because I’m not stuck with whole wheat bread all the time.  Pitas, naan, sandwich flats…as long as they are full of fiber, I’m down. Reading nutrition labels isn’t that difficult.

Snack–Cherry pomegranate yogurt and a banana.  Both products of the aforementioned grocery run.

Dinner–Abby, while studying, went to Escalantes with her old roommate Lindsey, so I had the opportunity to get my Pei Wei special: Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables, brown rice, and spring rolls.  It was, again, delicious and, again, I only ate about half.  It also left some room for…

Dessert–Cherry and mango crumble.  The crumble was flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, less than a tablespoon of butter, and some oats.  It was very VERY good, and its such an easy, flavorful, relatively cheap dessert.  You can also just make one serving, so there isn’t temptation to go back for more.

Tomorrow: Church, Extreme Pita, and fruit shopping? Sign me up!


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