>Snow Day

>Note: This post is not food related.  It’s Jesus related. Sorry to disappoint/thrill.

I spent today with the incredible honor of teaching my juniors about Romans 5.  After enlightening us on the concept of righteousness by faith opposed to the law or anything else, Paul explains that Abraham is the ultimate example of this phenomenon: a man, holy by worldly standards, who needs grace just like Hitler needed grace.  In chapter 5, Paul explains why we need this righteousness.  Contained within is one of the greatest phrases in the entire Good Book: “While we were still sinners…”

Christ died for us IN SPITE of what we are.  He knew exactly what we are, what we can become, and what we’ve done.  The part of this that boggles the mind is that, as humans, we are seemingly programmed to show disdain for those who wrong us.  In fact, the exact example I used in class was “we don’t give money to homeless people because we think they’ll use it to get…”

Every class, without fail, said, “Drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.” We judge off stereotypes, expectations, and fears.

Fast forward to around 5:30 pm, when my lovely wife returned home from school.  First words out of her mouth? “I think we should take some gloves to the homeless man sitting on the corner, and take him to a shelter.”  My first thought? “It’s cold and potentially dangerous. This isn’t a good idea.”  Second thought? “I’m potentially the worst Bible teacher EVER.”  He appeared to be very grateful for the gifts, and while he rejected the offer of the shelter, I think he’ll be okay tonight.

I have the day off on Friday because of the snow I was so content to sit inside in the warmth and avoid.  Apparently I’ll need it to think about exactly what I’m doing with the grace Jesus has given me.  Seems to me I can do a LOT more.


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