>Day 25–Wintry Mix Edition

>We’re about to get destroyed by winter weather…BRING IT ON!!!

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon oatmeal. That’s right, variety is back.

Mid-morning Snack–Apple! It was amazing…I wish I had another one.

Lunch–Carrots and brown rice.  Yep, that’s it.  I was planning on having brown rice and lentil soup, and then SAGE Dining decided to not make what was on their menu, and of course I didn’t have a back up plan. It was…lame.  I finished it off with a Snickers so I didn’t feel useless (or tasteless).

Snack–Cherry yogurt and a banana. I ran by the store on the way home to stock up a bit before the wintry mix hit, thinking it was supposed to happen at 4 pm (its 9:30…still dry…) and I didn’t want to get frozen out.

Dinner–Cajun turkey, broccoli slaw and cilantro on whole wheat naan and about 3/4 cup of edamame with my homemade spice mix.  It was delicious.

Dessert–I attempted to make chocolate meringues, and for whatever reason, it didn’t work AT ALL.  I had to completely alter the recipe to try to salvage it somewhat.  The results were iffy, but maybe will be good with some raspberry sorbet.  Or I wasted good chocolate. One of the two.

Altogether not a horrid day, and even with the ice we plan to work out some tomorrow, so hopefully I can keep things going down.  I’ve stagnated recently and I’m not a fan of that.


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