>Day 24–Rolling Power Outages?

>So apparently the Texas energy coalition got together and decided to help save energy across the state by enacting rolling power outages at various times.  There are two problems with this plan, which in itself wasn’t flawed:  They didn’t tell anyone (ANYONE) it was going to happen, and sometimes the power didn’t come back on (ask my parents).  Needless to say, it made class interesting when 20 minutes in today the power went out and they weren’t able to really communicate what was happening. Good times.

Breakfast–Cherry Vanilla granola AND an apple.  That’s right…added some fruit. Booyah.

Lunch–Hot dogs and steamed cauliflower.  Instead of eating two hot dogs (and therefore two hot dog buns) I just put two franks on one bun. Boom.  I also had half of a PB sandwich because the other sides today were sketchy at best and I needed something to stick to my ribs.  Passable lunch, but not great.

Dinner–Because we knew the weather would be disastrous today, I decided not to mess with getting dinner supplies after school.  Instead, I planned ahead and yesterday I got some pinto beans for an incredible dinner.  A quarter of an onion, four strips of bacon–diced, and 2 cups of pinto beans in some water/chicken stock and it sat in the slow cooker all day.  It was delicious!  We made some cornbread muffins to go with it, and I must confess, I am stuffed.  Filling, cheap, and tasty…I’m a fan.

Dessert isn’t necessary, but we went to bed at 9 pm last night and may have a repeat performance tonight.  Something about freezing temperatures screams blankets and sleep.


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