>Day 23–22 Degree Edition

>Well, it took until February, but winter decided to show his pale face in Houston finally.  After a week of 75 degree (!) weather in Houston–in January–we finally hit below freezing this year.  I’m weird in that I love cold temperatures.  In fact, as it was plummeting yesterday, I stood outside and just inhaled the goodness (in retrospect, inhaling deeply in Houston is NEVER a good idea. I may die from that.) and felt my spirit lifted.  Cold is good.

This morning it was 22 with a wind chill of 8, so all of us are moving pretty slowly.  I even have some lazy students that refuse to come to school because its “too cold.”  Spoiled.

Breakfast–Once again, Cherry Vanilla granola.  I just don’t get up early enough to eat anything else.  I should probably work on that…but it works for me.

Mid-morning snack–Fiber One bar. Trying to undo the damage of the Whataburger run.

Lunch–Green beans and a sweet potato, with some salad on the side.  Usually this is my favorite lunch day, but the pork looked sketchy and a long discussion on the Trinitarian nature of God threw off my feng shui.  Also, I exploded my sweet potato all over my shirt because it somehow popped like a grape.  Stupid delicious potato.

Exercise–Ran for 15 minutes, lifted weights (I’m trying to make myself look fit by smoke and mirrors) and biked for a bit, then because it was so cold, we ran back to the apartment.

Dinner–Leftover spring rolls and Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables, with some blueberry yogurt just for kicks.  I think I’m a fan of yogurt, which should be good as long as I behave and don’t eat it all the time.

Dessert–Half of a brownie with Abby.  It was good, and its no longer taunting me, sitting on the counter.

All in all, a good day I think.  The scale didn’t reflect that, but then again, I didn’t drink as much water as I should have, so I think my equilibrium is thrown off.  We’ll see how I measure up on Thursday.


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