>Day 22–Go Go Go Joseph

>Yesterday night we had the honor and privilege of getting to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat put on by Dulles High School.  It was amazing!  The kids were very talented, the sets were gorgeous, and the music was catchy as usual. Abby and I were both very impressed with the entire thing.

After the show, we were able to go to Hobby Airport and pick up our friends, the Toys.  They had spent a long weekend in Denver seeing her family and skiing (lucky!) and then we picked them up last night after they were delayed in Denver due to snow and in Houston due to fog.  It was a long trip for them, but I’m glad we were able to help!

Breakfast–Cherry Vanilla granola. As if you had to ask.

Lunch–“Orange chicken,” which I put in quotes for a reason, snow peas and a salad.  It wasn’t great, wasn’t bad, just…food.

Dinner–In lieu of a snack, Abby and I had an early dinner before the show (BIG MISTAKE) because she wasn’t able to eat lunch at school due to an under qualified attending and some bad research.  Chick fila yielded a Spicy Chicken sandwich, a fruit cup, and some lemonade.  I still struggle with the no-soda thing, but lemonade makes it all better…for that meal.

Second Dinner–Yep.  We had such a long break between dinner (5 pm) and going to sleep (Midnight) that I began to develop a wicked headache due to hunger.  Unfortunately, since we were by the airport, and it was late, fast food was really our only option.  For those that don’t know, the area around Hobby is the picture-perfect definition of sketchy.  Ergo, we went a littler farther away and got some Whataburger.  My hamburger and fries certainly wasn’t the healthiest choice, but I feel like its the least-healthy decision I’ve made since starting this, so I feel kinda good about that.

Because Monday was so bad, Tuesday will be a day of over-correction.  Just warning you.


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