>Day 21–Newsflash: The Internet at Westbury Is Prejudiced Against Blogging

>So I tried to blog this morning, as is my ritual during my planning period, but for some reason the internet at school decided my login page was affiliated with terrorists or something.  It’s usually weird, but this tops them all, since I use that page, oh, I don’t know…10-15 TIMES A WEEK. But I’m not bitter.

Sunday was fun day because Abby came home (!) and class was good at Sugar Grove (!) and I discovered a new favorite entree at Pei Wei (!) so there was excitement all around!  On to the foods:

Breakfast–Cherry Vanilla granola before church.  It was quite the task to drag myself out of bed in the morning, but I survived.  My time management skills, however, did not.

Lunch–Pei Wei with the wife.  I usually get the Mandarin Kung Pao chicken with brown rice, but for some reason I was feeling rebellious so I went with the Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables.  That’s right…just vegetables.  With extra vegetables.  Coupled with the brown rice, it was filling enough I only ate half before I was completely stuffed, and it was delicious.  I also got some vegetable spring rolls, which again are like 110 calories a pop, so the whole meal didn’t set me back too badly, and I have enough left over for um…leftovers.  And I got to eat with Abby, and she’s pretty awesome, so it was a wonderful meal.

Dinner–Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich, medium fries, and a medium frosty.  We had some coupons I wanted to partake of before they expired, and Mens Health recently gave the thumbs up to the SCS, so you could say it was a win-win on both price and healthitude.

Dessert–Um…I got a frosty. Duh.

School today was interesting, but not disastrous food-wise.  Check back tonight for an update on the edible madness!


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