>Day 19–Home Alone!

>Yep.  Abby has abandoned me in Houston so she can go home to meet her new baby cousin.  I wish I could have gone with her, but responsibilities here kept me from being able to go so here I am, left to fend for myself.  The good news is that shortly after Abby left, I managed to sprain/tweak/slightly damage my knee at a WCS soccer game (that I was just watching…sigh…) so I’m immobile and can’t get myself into too much trouble.  The bad news is that I’m immobile.  I hope I can move tomorrow…the Farmers Market/Central Market are calling my name!

Breakfast–Cherry Vanilla granola.  I was giving tests today, so sleeping in was a must.  I didn’t have anything to prepare at school, low-key, it was incredible…

Snack–…and also left me time to get donuts for my class on the way to school.  I planned on sharing and not partaking, but then the students kept talking about how good they were and, well, one thing led to another and two donuts later, I agreed with them.  Fail.  I ate a Fiber One bar afterwards to try to overcome my weakness.

Lunch–Campus Ministry Team…you might kill me more than anything else.  Aside from the stress of the whole situation, we also have terrible food (healthwise) at our meetings so lunch was two pieces of pizza and some chips.

Snack–Kettle corn before the aforementioned soccer match. (We got slaughtered too…it wasn’t pleasant.)

Dinner–Some cajun turkey on whole wheat naan with asian broccoli slaw and fruit salad. It was GLORIOUS.

Dessert–After carefully weighing my options…I went with kettle corn.  I’m sure I’m running this thing into the ground, but its so freaking good I can’t help it.

Assuming I can walk, tomorrow will involve Fusion Tacos and some locally-grown deliciousness.  Until then…


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