>Day 18–Curse You Open House

>So tonight we had our Spring Semester open house.  We started at 6:30 and didn’t leave until short after 8.  Unfortunately, I didn’t eat dinner beforehand, thinking we might get out earlier.  Completely screwed up my eating schedule in an already messed up day.  Definitely not my finest eating performance.

Breakfast–Cherry Almond granola.  I told you…variety.  It was superb.

Lunch–I expected to have a campus ministry meeting, but thats tomorrow instead.  So since I planned so badly, lunch consisted of some sweet potato chips, a peanut butter sandwich, and some cookies.  Never said it was healthy.

Mid-afternoon snack–2 cups of Kettle corn.  I LOVE kettle corn, and the whole two cups had 140 calories. Score.

Mid-evening snack–Because of the screwed up eating schedule, I had another snack before the open house.  Another cup of kettle corn and half a cup of cherry vanilla granola (VARIETY!) was enough, with the help of some grapes, to tide me over until dinner.

Dinner–100% Taquito!  3 Tacos de Asada (grilled beef, cilantro, and onions in corn tortillas) along with some corn tortillas and pico de gallo on the side was excellent, and should be relatively healthy too.  We usually get chips and salsa, but I decided the tortillas, unfried, would be a better alternative.

That wraps this installment.  I’m afraid pizza is on the menu for tomorrow’s CMT meeting, so I’ll need to pack some sides to help me limit my intake.  Then Abby is leaving me (sadness!) so I’ll be on my own to eat healthy for a couple of days…check back later to see if I survive!


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