>Day 17–Wednesdays are Long Days

>Between being Hump Day and Science Olympiad, Wednesdays seemingly take forever.  Add in the fact that all of Houston has collectively lost their minds while driving and its easy to see why, at 9 pm, I’m exhausted and about to go to bed.  The good news? Salmon.

Breakfast–Apple cinnamon oatmeal with pomegranate craisins.  I got more granola at the store today, so variety will be introduced soon.  And by variety I mean what I had to eat last week.

Snack–Another Fiber One bar.  They don’t seem to be having much effect other than giving me some energy, so I’m going to spice things up with some kettle corn tomorrow, see if it makes a difference.

Lunch–Beef with broccoli, steamed cauliflower, steamed sugar snap peas, some real craisins, and a Snickers.  The Snickers was actually more of an afternoon snack, but it wasn’t long after lunch (I needed sugar to stay awake…rough day) so I’ll count it here.

Dinner–Sesame-ginger salmon en papillote, or for normal paper, wrapped in parchment paper packets.  It was salmon, with bell peppers and (in my packet) portabello mushrooms and a sesame/soy/ginger/citrus marinade.  It was good, although it needed some sweetness to counter everything out.  Maybe I’ll add some honey next time.  It was a recipe from a woman I’ve never tested before, and honestly her show on Cooking Channel is TERRIBLE, so I’m not surprised it needs tweaking.

Dessert–Half of a brownie from Whole Foods.  It was a great shopping experience: salmon, some cream of tartar for the meringues in the offing, kettle corn, some healthier chips, more naan bread, and then the brownies that Abby was eyeing the other day when we were there.  Half of one was just right, even if it was God knows how many calories.  Worth it.

I’m going to crash…hopefully snacks will get me through the day tomorrow, and then you’ll get to hear about our Open House and how Abby and I went to dinner afterwards and ate unhealthy stuff!  Looking forward to it…


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