>Day 13–The Food Network is Bad for My Health

>Abby had Practice Management this morning, so I was left alone until about two o’clock.  This was perfect time for lazing around, doing chores, watching Man U absolutely destroy Birmingham, catching up on DVR shows, etc.  Unfortunately, because I watched all the DVR shows, when we got to this afternoon I didn’t have anything to watch, which led to channel surfing.  The channel surfing led to cooking shows, which led to a reference to french toast which led to…well, on to the food.

Breakfast–Steel cut oats with a dash of brown sugar and sliced bananas.  It was nice to have a good, hot, cooked breakfast that didn’t involve the word “instant.”  And it was filling.

Lunch–I took some leftovers and turned them into deliciousness.  Broccoli, green beans, brown rice, and some of our leftover chicken breast, with a dash of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and orange juice was an amazing meal.  Coupled with our leftover spring rolls from Pei Wei and I was one very happy Asian food enthusiast.

Exercise–Went to the gym, listened to Matt Chandler, ran for 15 minutes, biked for 10 minutes, and lifted some weights.  Felt good, and Matt Chandler brought the thunder, as usual.

Dinner–Here’s where the french toast came in.  We went to Whole Foods and got a loaf of Challah, which turned into cinnamon french toast.  Instead of eating processed syrup, I took a lemon and some blueberries and made my own.  It was INCREDIBLE, even if Abby didn’t like it.  Great meal, but high calorie count.  The one good thing is that it was so filling, and relatively sweet, so dessert is unnecessary.

I’ll be back tomorrow after church and Life Group, which is going to have some lasagna involved.  Must plan accordingly!


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