>Day 12–Attack of the Tuna

>Let’s just say my day involved Veggie Tales, Heidi Montag, Brett Favre, Michael Steele, and Debi Mazar. Fridays are weird.

Breakfast–Once again, a banana and 1/2 cup Cherry Vanilla granola.  I’m excited about the weekend because breakfast won’t be rushed for once.

Lunch–There wasn’t a single portion of lunch at school today that was even remotely appetizing, so I brought some Thai Chili Tuna from home and put it on a bed of greens, with some crackers.  It was delicious…tuna is an underused aspect of my diet because Abby claims she doesn’t like it.  Pssh.

Dinner–Taco soup, comprised of ground turkey, garlic, half a poblano pepper, some potatoes, half an onion, some baby carrots and Hot Taco seasoning, courtesy of McCormicks.  Throw in some chicken stock and vegetable stock and I made a LOT of soup and it tasted delicious.  Since Abby is abandoning me for her Practice Management meeting tomorrow, I get to have soup for lunch.  I’m okay with that.

Dessert–Cherry crumble.  You’d best believe its delicious.

I hope I can maintain focus for the weekend…lots of fiber and water should keep me on track!


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