>Day 11–The Retreat

>I was all excited I crossed the 240 mark, and I apparently celebrated by being a glutton.  Good work idiot self.  The good news is that its FREEZING outside (literally…Abby’s car has an ice warning snowflake and it came on for the first time all year) so my shivering should knock a few calories off.  I’m convinced this is why Coloradans are healthy–they either shiver calories away or they wear so many clothes they sweat it out.  Sneaky Colorado…sneaky.

Breakfast–1/2 cup of Cherry Vanilla granola and a banana that wasn’t quite ripe.  Combined with the sweetness of the cereal, it tasted a lot like glue.  Sweet.

Mid-morning snack–Non-existent.  Because Tuesday/Thursday are my chapel days, snacks are usually inconvenient.  Instead I played beanbag basketball with Brenna.  I think I won.

Lunch–Chicken sandwich, sweet potato wedges, regular potato wedges, asparagus, and–the kicker–chocolate chip cookies. Plural.  I was all excited about my willpower last week, and then goofed this week.  I had 2 during lunch, and then…

Snack–…I had two here as well.  They were great, and since I had Science Olympiad practice afterwards I treated myself.   Big mistake, because…

Dinner–Dinner was Pei Wei.  Crispy Honey Shrimp with brown rice and Vegetable Spring Rolls.  I know the Spring Rolls seem like excess, but I looked at the Pei Wei nutrition info and 3 Spring Rolls is the same caloric hit as an order of edamame, which is what I usually get.  Granted, edamame is all fiber, but it was about the same.  And delicious.  Also, dessert was completely out of the question because I ate so much food today.  I’m not so good at this.

So Friday is going to be full of salads, fruits, and high fiber meals…I need to fix the damage done.  Be back later with the update.


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