>Day 8–MLK Day

>Three day weekends are the best.  Well, actually, not working at all is the best, but that has consequences.  So this is pretty good.

Breakfast–Abby and I went to see The King’s Speech with Jason and Casey Toy (good movie, great friends) so on the way we went to a newly discovered old friend of mine–Dunkin Donuts.  I had a Chocolate Kreme donut and a chocolate glazed donut and they were both spectacular.  Better yet, I was very full after two, which is unusual for me.  My stomach must be returning to normal size after months of unnecessary stretching.

Lunch–After the movie we went to Extreme Pita, which was phenomenal.  I got the Thai Chicken pita, small, with Sun Chips and Green Tea.  I also ate one of the cookies Abby got with her meal.  It was an excellent place, and we’ll certainly be going back soon!

Exercise–Yep. New addition to the routine.  I went to the gym since I finally felt good enough to work and did twenty minutes on the bike, for a total of about 7 miles.  It was good to get a sweat up and lift some weights afterwards.  Also discovered that my headphones are busted, so I chunked them in the trash and got some new ones at Target.

Dinner–My plans for dinner went horrifically awry, so we had steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries and brown sugar.  It was delicious, and for once, filling.

No dessert tonight–early to bed, school starts again tomorrow (yippee…) so I don’t need sugar to keep me awake.


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