>Day 6–Helping Audrey

>Because its Saturday, I of course really wanted to sleep in.  This would serve two purposes: I’m still sick, so my body can recover, and its SATURDAY.  Sleeping in is sticking it to the man, whoever that may be. As Murphy and his dastardly law would have it, I woke up, drifted in and out of sleep for a while, laid in the dark for a while, assumed it was about 11, and sure enough it was…8:15. Crud.

Breakfast–Decided that the tasty omelette was the way to go this morning, so I began cooking some for me and the wife.  Made Abs’, with zucchini, onions, some crumbled bacon and it turned out beautifully.  I began making mine, with zucchini, onions, mushrooms, and crumbled bacon, and got to the necessary flipping stage.  Usually I go the cop out route and use a spatula or just hack it to death, but I was feeling confident today to I went for the chef flip.  First attempt, success.  Except it didn’t completely flip…the middle was still too gooey for my liking.   On attempt two, we reached critical mass.  There was omelette all over the stove, the pan, my arm, the floor…everywhere.  It was disastrous.  Needless to say, on my second omelette I flipped it like a normal person.

Lunch–We went to Whole Foods to grab some snack goodies, so I took my new sunflower seeds and put them on a spinach salad, with orange bell pepper, mushrooms, and a spicy soy vinaigrette.  It was quite tasty.

Snack–After lunch, Abs and I went to Herod Elementary to help our dear friend Audrey St. Germain move her classroom.  They are building a brand new, and awesome, building so her entire Kindergarten play land has to be transported next door.  It was a lot of stuff, but its a beautiful room and her kids are going to be very blessed by the work she’s doing.  When I got home, I had a 1/4 cup of my new Cherry Vanilla granola.  It was really good and pretty filling, as well as sweet enough to help with yesterday’s problems.

Dinner–I made my bacon-hamburgers with some baked beans.  Instead of putting slices of bacon on our burgers, which leads us to put a slice on each burger, I decided to crisp up some beforehand and then mix it into the patties.  We still get the bacon flavor, but without all the fat and unnecessary calories.  Sandwich flats instead of buns, smaller patties, and no cheese or mayo (which I don’t eat anyways) and these were pretty solid burgers.

Dessert–I’m going to abstain from dessert tonight.  Maybe a kiwi later, but Life Groups tomorrow is going to mess up my calorie intake so I need to chill out tonight.

Almost a week in…minor victories, minor defeats, but progress overall.  Thanks for sticking with me, whoever reads this.


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