>Day 4–Revolution

>My body is revolting. I’m writing Thursday’s post on Friday because I spent most of yesterday in a haze of DayQuil and sinus pressure that made me feel (and look) like a zombie.  Even my students noticed, and they aren’t the most observant lot.  Unfortunately, being sick also means food loses a little taste, so overcompensating is the norm, and, well…on to the food.

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal with Pomegranate Craisins.  This is the best combination I’ve hit on so far, because the fruitiness of the oatmeal blends with the craisins well.  The Cinnamon Spice oatmeal overwhelmed my dried cherries.  Good to know for the future.  I also really need whole fruit I can cut up, but most of it is sketchy at best in January.  At least I have Texas-grown grapefruit waiting for me when I get home.

Lunch–At school we have something we call the Campus Ministry Team, or CMT.  The CMT meets for lunch once every two weeks, and Thursday was the day.  Unfortunately for me, in order to feed 20 people on our meager budget, it usually means lots of fast food.  For lunch I had three pieces of pepperoni pizza, and water. Small victory though–yesterday is also cookie day, and I held off and didn’t get any AND one of my favorite students had her birthday (with cake balls) and I didn’t eat any of those either! Could it be I’m developing willpower?

Snack–None.  I went home and passed out from exhaustion.  I even forsook Science Olympiad practice because I was afraid I’d infect the kids or stand out in the cold and make it worse.

Dinner–Since my taste buds are on the fritz, I went with something filling and delicious–Pei Wei’s Mandarin Kung Pao Chicken.  It’s not the healthiest option, but its tasty, has lots of veggies, and with brown rice isn’t too disastrous.  Throw in a couple of veggie spring rolls and I was satisfied, even if I didn’t finish all of the MKP Chicken.  Even that is a minor victory–I used to feel like a failure if I didn’t clean my plate (I’ve even been scolded for not cleaning my plate before…at dessert…I developed a complex) but now I know it’s okay to leave it and move on.  Makes eating more fun and less of a gut-bomb.

Dessert–Finished the chocolate sauce from the other night, which turned into delicious chocolate mousse  when it set up in the fridge.  Two teaspoons worth was just enough sweet for me.

I’d like my taste buds back and I’d like to eat something healthier Friday (salad at lunch is a must…baked catfish?  No thanks) but I still feel good with my progress. I’m holding steady around 242, so down 5 pounds in a week.  I’ll take it.


One thought on “>Day 4–Revolution

  1. >I just stumbled upon this today and I'm inspired. I don't really blog anymore, but I should really start writing down what I eat as well. I've been trying to go down a little, and my goal has really just to be healthier in general (which really means to get my fat, lazy butt off the couch more often) but eating is a huge part of it for me because I LOVE to cook. We're so alike in that way- and cooking is my stress reliever, which turns into eating more as a stress reliever. All of that to say… thank you for this. Good luck with all of this- we'll compare notes in March. Love you!

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