>Day 2–School is Going to Kill Me

>My distinct inability to get a consistent, decent lunch at school might be the death of me.  I’m all for eating salads for meals, but unfortunately with my schedule I REALLY need protein and other things to keep me going, especially right after lunch and my Sixth Period of Doom, or the SPoD.  A compromise is necessary and I’ll find one eventually, but for now lunch is still going to be a wasted meal.

Breakfast–Two pieces of whole grain toast with peanut butter and water.  I’m finding more and more that water is one of the few things that really fills me up, which I think is a byproduct of all the fiber I’ve been consuming.  I’ve made a pledge to not have a soda until my birthday, which is Feb. 19th, so the new affinity for water has come at an excellent time.

Lunch–Non-existant.  Literally.  I ate a Fiber One bar and some Blueberry Flax Granola Chips.  It was tasty but a horrid meal.

Dinner–We went to Gringo’s, a Mexican Food restaurant near our church, on Sunday and I always get the tortilla soup there.  I saved half of it for later on in the week, and Abby wasn’t here for dinner so I called in the reserves.  It’s a really vegetable-laden soup, and I don’t eat cheese, so I think it was decently good for me.  I added some red and green bell peppers, half a zucchini, and some extra broth and had tortilla chips (I know, my bad) with it.  Stellar meal all around.

Dessert–I’m waffling (food terms are puns) between some kiwis or apples and leftover chocolate sauce from last night.  Guess which one will most likely win?

I need to work on lunches and reload my stash of Haagen Dazs fruit sorbets.  They’re amazing (especially mango and raspberry) and better than ice cream on a fat/caloric level, although still sugary.  I also need more fruit to go with the veggie haul from yesterday.

So far I’ve lost 3 pounds in a little less than a week, give or take.  I haven’t worked out in a while, partially because I’ve been sick, partially because of the holidays, partially because I’m lazy, and partially because our apartment workout room sucks.  So I’m satisfied, but not anywhere near finished.


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