>Let’s face it…I am NOT a morning person.

I love me some sleep.  At any time, but especially in the morning, usually during class. Some people sleep better when its raining; I apparently sleep better knowing that everyone else is in the class I’m skipping. 

I have, however, had my fair share of early morning experiences.  Whether it was getting up early for trips or playing golf with my grandpa or staying up too late on the phone and getting to see the other side of night, my childhood had its sunrises in it.

I grew to appreciate those moments even more working at Trek, where every week we’d get up earlier than Apollo to begin our assault on the designated peak.  Cold and stiff, there would be a slow march up the side, through the valley, or across the ridge, until that glorious moment that the sunlight decided to enrobe us in warmth.  Every one of those sunrises was beautiful, indescribable, and a rejuvenation to our souls.

Today’s sunrise is different though.  As I look out the windows of the church, I’m haunted by the fact that sunrise brings uncertainty, and the beginning of a very tough battle for an already-weary brother.  We will need it’s warmth and energy in order to engage this enemy head-on.  After seven and a half hours, we finally reach the front lines.

Fight on Tate.

Fight on.

The Mighty One, God, the LORD, 
       speaks and summons the earth 
       from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets.

 From Zion, perfect in beauty, 
       God shines forth.”  Psalm 50:1-2

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