>Ring Pops, Dirty Napkins, and My Own Selfishness

>I have no idea what God helps us control and what is just crazy random happenstance.  If I lean over and pick up my pen right now (which I just did), did God push on my heart to make me do that? 

No clue.
What I do know is that when something weighs heavily on your heart, you better do it.  God’s paths are always better than ours, and the fact that we keep ignoring Him is annoying.  A little depressing, but mostly annoying.  It’s like having a voicemail from the Creator and waiting a few weeks to listen to it. It makes no sense.
For class Wednesday night I gave the lesson written out in my previous post, Ring Pops and Dirty Napkins.  It’s been on my mind since I bought Abs’ ring, about God and being chosen and the true nature of love.  I’ve also had this weight on me to read Titus.  Not sure why…I usually arbitrarily pick a book of the Bible and read through it. 
Titus is NOT a long book.  Three whole chapters to be precise…the equivalent of 5 pages in my study bible. And for some reason I just didn’t do it.  Always found something better to do…talk to friends, sleep, play games, check sports updates, etc.  My bible even sat open for a couple of days to Titus and I never got around to it.  Still haven’t actually.
However, I was just alerted to Titus 3:5, which says something to the equivalent of “God loves us because He is merciful, not because of our righteous acts,” which sounds distinctly similar to what I taught about Wednesday night.  In fact, it’s a great summary of my idea.
God tried to help me sum up my thoughts through His Word, and His words are always better than my words, but I was too selfish with my time to sit down and read it.
Sorry God.
What is God trying to do to help you that you’re ignoring? 
“Your ways, O God, are holy. What god is so great as our God?”  Psalm 77:13

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