>Shut Down


That was a brief recap of the last 72 hours for me, intellectually speaking.  There wasn’t necessarily any drool, but you get the mental image: I was totally that guy.  You know what I’m talking about…the freshman who has stayed up until 5 am playing video games and then “shows up” to his 8 am, if only in body but not mind.  
All of us at ACU have the same problem.  We go from the first day of school until Halloween without a day off, but then its a day off, three weeks, Thanksgiving, a week, finals, and then we’re done for the semester.  So we are all mentally beaten down, and then they start taunting us with holidays and days off!  What up with that?
So I have one real paper left…a discussion of human nature.  And I’m trying to write about how the body relates to our relationships and the restoration of those relationships.  And my body is not connecting with my mind…it doesn’t feel restored…and I’m not sure what to do with that. So yes, I’ve shut down.  And I desperately need restoration. Hopefully in my study I’ll find the answer.

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